Illinois Soil & Water Conservation District Employees Association

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Activities By The Month

Guidance for Temporarily Suspending Services


  • Pay Federal Withholding Tax.
  • Pay State Withholding Tax.
  • Reconcile bank statements and credit cards.
  • Payroll, direct deposits and timesheet verification.
  • Monthly Board Meeting preparation
  • Administer NRCS Contribution Agreement funds – report due by 20th of each month
  • Report # of Employees to US Dept. of Labor (not all districts).
  • Pay equipment building storage rent.
  • Prepare quarterly payroll tax reports for the 2nd quarter. You will prepare 941, IL-941 and UC3 state unemployment form.  These are due by the end of July.
  • Qtrly Insurance payments due by July 15 - Health/Life/Short-term Disability
  • District Operations Quarterly Reports to IDOA – due within the first 7 days.
  • Pay board members for previous quarters travel/mileage?
  • Complete Payroll Audit – usually receive email reminder and forms.
  • Prepare Salary and Benefit Contract
  • Fall Fish Sale preparation.
  • Average Cost List Due by the 15th August needs to be approved before.
  • Prevailing Wage Act – mail to Sec. of State & IL Dept. of Labor
  • Summer Conference – Springfield, gift card for auction item
  • newsletter – begin prep., make decisions on election/open house (date, location, ballot voting, nominating committee, invitations to partners and legislators, refreshments), etc., send bills to advertisers
  • employee evaluations – prep. & hold
  • prepare tentative budget approve – certify budget and revenues (necessary for tax levy request)
  • prepare Annual Report, AFR, & Annual Activities Report – prep. for newsletter & publication for levy
  • publish condensed version of AFR @ Journal Pilot, have a ‘certificate of publication’ sent to County Clerk & County Treasurer
  • consider and prepare Tax Levy Ordinance request
  • audit & comptroller’s report – auditor  prep. as requested
  • Meetings & Outreach Efforts
  • Education Efforts