Illinois Soil & Water Conservation District Employees Association

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Long Range Plan

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Our Mission: We the ISWCDEA, are committed to providing quality information, communication, education, training and representation to all District personnel.  We as a team, will further promote legislative contact and continue cooperation with our partners.

Objective I: Financial & Program Stability
Implement Turnover Taskforce Recommendations
Work to ensure adequate financial resources for Districts and the programs they administer.
Work to continue employee health insurance coverage.
Work to obtain a state-wide employee retirement program.

Objective II: Communications
Implement an effective communication system between ISWCDEA and District Employees.
Communicate effectively with elected officials
Implement an effective communication system with partner agencies and organizations

Objective III: Employee Education & Training
Make sure adequate training is offered to all employees.
Work with partners to ensure that Illinois Conservation Programs are effective. 

For more information on the ISWCDEA long range objectives and annual plan of work, please see the links