Illinois Soil & Water Conservation District Employees Association

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Join the Fun



All full-time and part-time Illinois SWCD Employees are part of the ISWCDEA.  To be considered an active member of the ISWCDEA, employees will pay annual dues.  Dues are $10.00 and need to be paid by December 31 of each year to be considered an active member for the following year.  By paying dues active members are able to elect the ISWCDEA board and officers and represent their area on the ISWCDEA Board.  Active members also are able to vote on amendments of the ISWCDEA by-laws.


Member Dues


Membership dues are to be paid by December 31, to be considered an active member of the ISWCDEA for the following year.  If a new employee is hired they have sixty (60) days in which to pay their dues to be considered an active member of the current year. See the bylaws Article IV, Section 2.

Your paid membership will defray costs incurred with statewide employee functions, assist in employee program development and send delegates to represent Illinois at Regional and National Association Meetings. The paid memberships also pay for the employees association costs for annual meeting/winter training and summer conference.
SWCD employees are not the only ones that may have a paid membership to the ISWCDEA.  We welcome and appreciate associate memberships from SWCD Boards, individual board members, AISWCD Board members, employees from our partner agencies and other interested persons. 


Printable 2016 Dues Form

Printable 2015 Dues Form